Thursday, March 15, 2007

Teen Drama Queen

Last month we attended a birthday party at my girlfriend's house in honor of her kids turning 2 and 4. The dinosaur theme was amped with dino footprints on the floor, dino party baseball caps, trees she made on the wall, a dino volcano that the kids took part in exploding and a dino-egg hunt. An amazing extravaganza that only she could pull off with her creativity and Martha/Rachel traits.

Upon returning home with blue dino CD mix in hand...we began to open the eggs. Inside each egg was teeny tiny dinosaur. Well, due to the fact we have a munchy little toddler (Sept 05)...we traded her tiny toys for an upgrade - Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs that were purchased on clearance at Target.

In the car today, Charlotte asked if I knew where the her tiny friends were because she, of course, found two of the eggs and befriended the miniature inhabitants.

"I know where they are and will give them to you this summer."
Her Drama Queen reply was.......
"Oh, if I have to wait until Ben is older, I will just Freak Out."


Nikki said...

I found your site while browsing through crazy hip blog mamas :).

Kids can say the funniest things..My daughter is 6 going on 16 LOL. She has me cracking up over some of the things she says :D.

Paige said...

Bwhahahaha. I think our kids have a future together.