Wednesday, March 21, 2007


We were away this past weekend in upstate New York for a party that we ended up getting snowed out of 2 out of the 3 events slatted for celebration. Anyway, I swear, I need a notepad to keep track of things that go on with the kids when I'm taking a blog break. So, here it is in a nutshell-type-list-thing:

*Charlotte finally used a word out of context - jealous. She said she was "jealous of Ben having a frog" and she "only has a bunny". But when asked, she said that she wanted "Ben to have a bunny too" and for herself "to have a frog too." Interesting.

*Benjamin learned about steps. Fourteen steps to be exact. With Papa - my dad. They went up and down and up and down and out of breath. Papa thought it was so cute. I'm not sure if I like it being a game but it was quite a sight.

*Charlotte baked bread with Papa. He seems to enjoy taking her all by himself and accomplishing something with her. Be it a game, seeing something new or even filling the bread machine.

*Saturday night the kids had an overnight with Papa and Savta (my parents). YAY! We went out as dressed up adults and they did not really even notice we left. My mom marveled at how Ben just curled up with his frog in bed and just allowed her to leave the bedroom without a peep. Needless to say that our next two nights at home were not so grand. He is a great sleeper so this MUST be a growth spurt or something.

*Benjamin learned a new word from my mom: "Please" - pronounced more like "Peas" of course.

*Charlotte has been doing a great deal of imaginary play. Whispering the script of the lives of her dinosaurs. Dinos are her newest obsession. To all my friends who are so girl/boy difference-centric...see, girls do like dinos!

*That's it for now. Will be daily or semi-daily again now.

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