Thursday, July 10, 2008

Seaweed as a packing material

Tomorrow we'll be at the "new house" as Ben calls our home at 16 Baroness. The transition is good so far and I am optimistic that all will go smoothly. Moving on a Friday will allow us two days in the house together until we get back to work and camp.

Andrea is taking them tomorrow morning and we have visitors tomorrow afternoon - David's sister BILto-be.

Day 2 of Charlotte staying home to get the cooties out of her bod before returning to camp. She was definitely bored.

When asking her which of the four remaining snacks she wanted for her 10:30am munchy she asked: "Can we make sushi?" So I gave her a tour of all the things that still had to be packed and she quited a bit.

Which was I more surprised at: sushi for snack or that she thought I'd drop the packing materials and make some sushi for her? Not sure which.


Charlotte was home today with a fever and symptoms neither of my kids show: general malaise, shaking, flushed cheeks, sweating and not eating at all. Doc said that it is not strep or ear infections... just a virus.

We'll be packing until the wee hours of the morning so call if you want to perk up my day.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Banana like cheese

It's been way long enough and it's time to start again.
New house - new starts.

Today Charlotte is home with a mild fever and low appetite so when she asked for a banana I was pleased that she wanted to eat.

"Would you like it sliced?"
"No thanks, I'd like to eat it like string cheese."

Banana like cheese, hun?!