Monday, October 3, 2011

Love of Crazy Flavors

Charlotte and I share the love of scary flavors.  Wonder which one of us will use this BOGO October Flavor - it's Trick OREO® Treat ... "a scary good creation. Vanilla ice cream packed with orange créme filled OREO® cookies, Baby Ruth®, and Butterfinger® candy pieces. It's terrifyingly delicious." 

Uzu Alley

It's usually a ball of laughs around here with two marvelous kids and my hubby. Why I've waited so long to get back to blogging... I have NO idea.

So, back at it... I'll start with Ben's amazing reading vocabulary. He is WAY above the average Kindergartner due only to his love of reading and not to our teaching him.
When sounding out words (as he does so fearlessly) - he announced Uzu-alley OR as you might pronounce it - usually.

I do love that fearless pronounciation.