Saturday, January 7, 2012

Equal but Different

At some point, every kid asks their parents - "Do you love me the same as you love my ... brother/sister?"
Well, this week's Torah portion "Vayechi", the last book in Genesis, reminds us that Jacob blessed his twelve sons as he was on the doorstep of death.  He blessed each one in a unique manner.

So, the answer is "No, I do not love you the same as I love your brother/sister (insert here) but differently".
As parents, we attempt to love each of our children with the same depth, acceptance and unconditional manner.

How would you say you love your children differently one from another?


Deahnara said...

How about, "I love you both the way you love both pizza and ice-cream? I love them equally in spite of their very different qualities, and I'd never say no to either of them!

sherijberi said...

That was fantastic... my kids are Pizza and Ice Cream... I LOVE IT:)