Monday, October 3, 2011

Uzu Alley

It's usually a ball of laughs around here with two marvelous kids and my hubby. Why I've waited so long to get back to blogging... I have NO idea.

So, back at it... I'll start with Ben's amazing reading vocabulary. He is WAY above the average Kindergartner due only to his love of reading and not to our teaching him.
When sounding out words (as he does so fearlessly) - he announced Uzu-alley OR as you might pronounce it - usually.

I do love that fearless pronounciation.

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Catherine S said...

One time in drama class in high school, one kid had to read some script or something out loud. One sentence he read he got to a word and he said something like "What have you been doing?" Except instead of saying 'Do-ing' he pronounced it 'doyng' like rhymes with boing. He said, What's Doyng? Very confused then about 30 seconds later he got it after we had already been laughing hysterically. Funny funny.