Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Actually and Unfortunately

Actually there was a pause in my writing, unfortunately.
Well, I'm back and for good this time. Too much to miss out on if I don't write it all down.

Remember when Charlotte love to add new vocabulary words to her normal conversation patterns? Well, now those words are just popping up and I have not even used them. She's getting this new vocab from her teachers I guess. The word of the day had once been "actually".

Today, her Darling father and I packed leftover pierogies for lunch with a bit of ketchup in a baggie slipped into the princess Tupperware item.

Charlotte alerted me that "unfortunately, my teacher could not find the ketchup so I only ate part of my lunch."

Again, I wanted to jump up and down repeating the word "unfortunately" but I held back. Goodness, I love to hear her speak.

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