Wednesday, May 23, 2007


We're on a trend here and we don't like this one. Charlotte has been complaining non-stop for days now.

"I don't have enough"
"I want more"
"You are not doing that right"
etc., etc., etc., and it is making me NUTS.

Any advice?

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rachel said...

hello my beloved knauth family,
my suggestion is to talk to charlotte about how the criticism and complaining could affect her relationships with other kids (of course in more simple terms.) more along the lines of: "you share so well with benjamin and you know that everyone you love needs things too, so sometimes if you aren't happy, you wait your turn or see if you can fix the problem yourself." you can also suggest that by learning how to do this, she can help her friends who are having problems, since she knows how to deal with things like that.
i think about you every day and you are always in my heart
all my love