Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How Do We Protect Them?

Yesterday, my 4-year-old learned about 9-1-1 in school.
The numbers, how to call them and what they mean.
Charlotte was proud to tell me about using this emergency method.

And now, I rant...
9-11 still echoes in our heads and yet they did not lock down Virgnia Tech.
Did the parents of some of these students teach them what to do in case of an emergency like this? Lock yourself down - into a room, closet, bathroom, etc when you hear gunfire. What will we have to teach the preschoolers of today in order to survive tomorrow?

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rachel said...

i lost at least one friend at tech...ryan (i'm scared to read the other names because i know i'll recognize at least one more.) he was so amazing, and i hate that now i have to say "was"...what do we teach our children? how do we explain that every life is worth everything, that an event doesn't have to include 32 other deaths for it to be a tragedy? the best answer i can think of is that we raise them as you guys are raising charmat and benjamin - that love trumps all, that a hug means the world, and that there's no room for hate.

also, the holocaust survivor/professor who blocked the door with his body so his students could "flee" (his own words) has resonated with me all day. isn't it odd that those who have seen such horrible death are capable of compassion in a way that boys who grow up playing 'halo' and viewing bodies as merely walking manifestations of images so easily killed and brought back to life (after a wait of ten seconds) are not? does our generation need to see those we love gunned down before we understand that death is never a game?

it seems a high price to pay for compassion.

i love the four of you so much. please kiss david, charlotte and benjamin for me and have them give you hugs and kisses from me in return.

l'chaim. because that's the strongest currency we have - life.