Sunday, March 11, 2007

Doctor Charlotte

David has relegated himself to the confines of our bedroom as he naps off a cold that is running through our house. Gladly, this one has not gotten to me yet. He NEVER naps...that is unless the earth has tipped off the axis.

So, Charlotte, Benjamin and I took a moment of playtime in their room. While Benjamin sat on his Build-a-Bear frog, Charlotte checked me out with her doctor kit.

Checking my breathing with her stethoscope: "Good, good, and a baby in there".
Me: "I have a baby?" Her: "My baby bunny". Me: "Oh"
Checking my ears: "There is nothing in there"
Checking my blood pressure: "It is high, but not so high you need a shot."
Giving me a shot: "Well, maybe you do need a shot".
Putting on a bandage for the shot: "It wont stay on" she says as she hammers it onto my wrist with her fist.

Some good bedside manner is needed but she has got so much of the doctorspeak down pat.


Kira said...

you better not have a baby in there (just kidding) :)

sherijberi said...

Nope, no baby. Two hand - two kids.