Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Whisper

Charlotte sat at lunch eating everything BUT her noodles. She ate her carrots, peanut butter on celery, and pear but NO NOODLES. While her head was turned away from me I whispered, "eat your noodles".

"Who said that?" she asked with a bit of a fright.
I did not have the heart to continue the joke and told her it was me.
Charlotte giggled and kept on eating.

Sadly, she ended up not eating the noodles (Barilla Plus - has tons of Omega-3 and other good stuff). Nonetheless, a veggie, protein and fruit lunch is great.


Diane Eckert said...

Hi there, Sheri,
Just wanted you to know that we're huge Barilla Plus fans in our house, too. Just the other day, there was a sale on Ronzoni multigrain so I bought that instead. When I made some macaroni and cheese out of it for Thomas, he held up a piece and said, "Mom, this is NOT Barilla Plus". Oh boy.
Missing you,

Anonymous said...

Had to giggle at that one!!! - Andrea